Ticket and Travel Pass Control

ESG Holding has taken on ticket and travel pass controlling tasks since 1st January 2012 on scheduled buses of Volánbusz Zrt.

Since 1st October 2017 customer service tasks have been done by our colleagues in the same field.

Since 16th March 2018 we extended our ticket and travel pass controlling activity to lines of Dél Alföldi Közlekedés Központ Zrt. starting from Baja-Békéscsaba-Kecskemét-Szeged.

We are proud to say that as a result of our activity for Volánbusz Zrt, our client’s income has significantly increased in these five years, and passenger complaints that proved to be justified did not reach 0.5 per mille out of 500,000 instances of ticket control.

Accomplishing the task successfully and free of major conflicts is due to our company philosophy i.e. to careful selection of the appropriate personnel, constant training and assertive, albeit customer-friendly approach.

VOLÁNBUSZ Transport Company Ltd. Customer service and opening hours

Customer Service:        1033 Budapest Polgár u. 8-10. D épület II.em. (Flórián Udvar)

E-mail:                                                 [email protected]

Phone:                                              +36-70-935-4400

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday

8:00 – 18:00

Tuesday, Thursday

8:00 – 16:00


8:00 – 14:00

The Customer Service Office is easily accesible from the ‘Flórián tér’ stops of tram Nr.1, buses Nr.9, Nr. 34 and Nr.111 and the ‘Szentlélek tér’ stop of H5 local train.