International Partnerships


We have developed a dynamic working relationship with the American EODT, one of the biggest security service companies in the world. As part of our cooperation agreement, a number of projects of high quality have been accomplished.


In November 2017 our strategic and operation director signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SARASOTA SECURITY PATROL Inc. who has been in business in the US since 1962. Our aim was to increase efficiency with mutual efforts by combining European and American safety technologies, guarding as well as management solutions.


ESG Holding Zrt. is actively present in the Republic of Iraq, which is demonstrated by our registration in Iraq and by our close cooperation with the property protection division of Brotherhood Group Companies based in Basrah. Our main task is providing expertise in control tasks involving manned object and personal security, especially individuals of political importance and of the government who require the highest level of security. In addition, we participate in various tasks of different nature when it is necessary.

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