ELIT SECURITY GROUP Ltd has been an active participant of the personal and property protection market for nearly two decades. Our mission is to apply our best-qualified resources in order to protect all assets entrusted with us, placing particular emphasis on sophisticated professionalism and constant improvement.

Our company is a business under private ownership, which is advantageous in terms of experience in many fields. Keeping a close eye on economic changes, we have developed a strategy based on personal contact and achieving the firmest position of trust.

We pay special attention in our activities that the tasks are accomplished after due diligence, according to security plans that are designed by our qualified regional heads with experience in the armed forces.

Our regional heads conduct constant supervision and control in order that the staff do their job according to the security plans and security- and surveillance regulations, adhering to the company values and standards.

Beside security activities in the classical sense, our company employs professionals with qualification and experience in specific fields such as fire protection, fire protection audits, property protection and security reviews as well as bomb threats and disaster management.

The mission of ESG Holding is to employ the most qualified professional personnel to protect assets and their owners at European standards, always placing special emphasis on expertise and constant improvement.

József Fischer
Managing Director


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